we create beautiful homes for

real people


As a boutique custom home builder, we take on fewer projects per year so that we can design to your exact specifications and help you think through even the tiniest of details so that you love living in—and can use—every inch of your home.  


We are committed to unsurpassed quality, exceptional style, and clear communication, from the laying of the foundation to handing you your new house keys. 


We never settle for less, and we don’t think you should, either. That’s why what you might see as an upgrade from another builder is just our starting point. Even if you don’t change a single thing, your home will be luxurious and finely finished.  And nothing about it will be cookie-cutter—that we promise. 


Together, we have personally renovated multiple homes for ourselves. We know what it takes, and we know it can be an enjoyable, exciting process. We’re available and on-site every day to be sure your project is completed to our exacting standards. We’re a family, building for families, from empty nesters to young, growing ones. 


We can take a plan and tweak it to your liking, or we can start from scratch and build from the ground up. This is not some photo-shoot set. This is real life. 



our team

But we can't do it with just us two (or five, when our daughters visit a site).  We have pulled together the best and brightest to make sure the entire process is clear, easy, and joyful. 

Sean Doyle — Owner

Sean Doyle — Owner

Katie Doyle —  Marketing and Design Coordinator

Katie Doyle — Marketing and Design Coordinator

Linda Dehkes — Sales and Lot Procurement

Linda Dehkes — Sales and Lot Procurement

Bobby Schmitz —   Sales and Lot Procurement

Bobby Schmitz — Sales and Lot Procurement


We are delighted to partner with Bria Hammel Interiors.  A shared vision of beautiful, functional living spaces comes to life with their distinguished touch.